Designing ultra-lightweight shafts isn't just about reducing weight. It's about finding new ways to create power and strength.

The Bassara™ P-Series gives golfers another option to gain more distance. Launching in spring of 2014, the BASSARA™ P-Series features a Phoenix emblem and utilizes elastic titanium nickel (TiNi) wire in the tip section along with an optimized EI curve, for the utmost feel during the swing and at impact. The EI curve falls just above that of the BASSARA™ W-Series and just below that of the BASSARA™ G-Series. The BASSARA™ P-Series is offered in extremely light weights. Within the BASSARA™ brand, this model was specifically designed for distance. It officially marks the birth of our distance-biased premium product.

BASSARA™ GG-Series | BASSARA™ G-Series