MRC Golf - Press Release - For Immediate Release

- MRC Press Release - May 03, 2010

With the recent completion of the 74th Masters, and the 2010 US TOUR season underway, we would like to congratulate our tour staff on another successful showing at one of the world's top events and a great start to the season.

How successful? Consider this... at the 2010 Masters, Mitsubishi Rayon won the driver shaft count, the total shaft count, and The Diamana® Series was the #1 driver shaft brand in-play. Add to this the fact that just fewer than 40% of the entire field used at least one Mitsubishi Rayon shaft we'd say quite a successful showing! Yet Mitsubishi's success so far this season extends well beyond just the Masters. So far on the US TOUR we have had 3 Driver Shaft Wins and have won the driver shaft count at 11 of the first 16 official events including both WGC's events.

Along with the recent activity on tour, Mitsubishi Rayon has been very busy with the launch of our latest additions to our Fubuki™ product line - The Alpha Series. This latest shaft in the series marries a unique bend profile developed exclusively for the Alpha Series with Mitsubishi Rayon's proprietary "Acceleration Technology" to help maximize head speed. Adding and additional application of M.D.T technology throughout the entire length of the shaft, the new Fubuki Alpha profile delivers increased stability at impact in addition to the high launch/low spin characteristics associated with the entire Fubuki Series.


We are also pleased to have begun shipping both the Fubuki AX fairway woods, and the Fubuki AX iron series shaft as well. Now for the first time, the Fubuki Series can deliver tour performance in all three shaft categories, driver shafts, fairway woods and irons. All designed for the perfect weight balance throughout your entire set.

Be sure to visit our website at www.mitsubishirayon.com for the latest information on Mitsubishi Rayon and the Fubuki AX fairway and Fubuki AX iron shafts.

Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Tour Update

"under the Microscope on the Nationwide Tour at the Chitmacha Louisiana Open"

• 5 of the top 8 players used Mitsubishi products in their driver.
• Mitsubishi had 43 players using their shafts this week in their drivers, the closest competitor had 24.
• Mitsubishi also had the most wood shafts in play this week, a total 86.

Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Did You Know?

As of April 12th, five of the top ten in the Official Golf World Ranking were using Mitsubishi Rayon products.