MRC Golf - Press Release - For Immediate Release

- MRC Press Release - September 10, 2010

Diamana 'ahina COMING SOON!

After much anticipation, and a little bit of controversy, the 2010 Major season has come to an exciting close and the race for the FedEx Cup is on! With yet another successful string of Major championship performances under our belt, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the success of the past season as we look forward to an exciting FedEx Cup Playoff, and the much anticipated fall launch of the Diamana 'ahina.

What do we have to boast about you ask? Two Major wins, driver shaft dominance at all 4 Majors, and proving again and again that when the best in the world compete, Mitsubishi Rayon drivers shafts are trusted more than any other. With the newest profile in the MRC family notching a Win, the Fubuki Alpha, we are not surprised to continually see great things from this revolutionary brand of products.

After it was all said and done, Mitsubishi Rayon had a particularly nice performance at this seasons final Major, The US TOUR Championship. Nearly 40% of the top 20 finishers at the US TOUR Championship were playing a Mitsubishi Rayon Driver shaft. And new products such as Kai'li, 'ilima, and Fubuki Alpha accounted for nearly 40% of our total Driver shaft usage at Whistling Straits.

With the Major season in our rearview mirror and the FedEx Cup under way, there is no time to rest. In fact with the official Tour launch of the next generation Diamana White Board (Diamana 'ahina) at The Barclays, Mitsubishi Rayon is poised to have a great Fall season.

Why are we so excited about Diamana 'ahina? At Mitsubishi Rayon we feel this next generation product addition to the lineup will ensure that the Diamana brand continues to be one of the most successful, and visible brands on the US TOUR. We are confident this new series will carry forward the legacy of the original Diamana White Board shaft, which has accounted for more than 20 official US TOUR Driver Shaft wins since 2007.

Diamana 'ahina series utilizes a similar bend profile to the original White Board Diamana shaft, and like Kai'li and 'ilima, also incorporates Mitsubishi Rayon's signature Multi-Dimensional Interlay technology (M.D.I), to deliver a stiffer mid and tip section than its predecessor. Designed to deliver maximum stability through impact without sacrificing feel, Diamana 'ahina's extreme low torque, low spin design provides the flatter trajectory and low spin preferred by today's strongest players.

The superior stability and optimized torsional profile of Diamana 'ahina will allow players with maximum ball speed to hit straighter, more controlled shots as a result of M.D.I. technology. This shaft has the ability to maximize how a shaft stores, and releases energy. With several in play already on the US Tour, we expect nothing but great things from 'ahina this Fall on the US TOUR in 2011.

Thanks again for your continued support, and if you have any questions about the new Diamana 'ahina, or any Mitsubishi Rayon product, be sure to contact your sales representative at any time.

Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Tour Update
Under the Microscope at the US TOUR Championship & The Barclays

  • 8 out of the top 20 finishers at the 2010 US TOUR Championship used a Mitsubishi Rayon Driver Shaft.
  • Nearly 20% of the field used a Mitsubishi Rayon Driver Shaft at this years Barclays Event; the first stop in the FedEx Cup Series.

Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Product Profile

Diamana 'ahina

Product Profile Diamana 'ahina Specifications

Name Length
Tip O.D.
Tip Lengh
Butt O.D.
Kick Pt.
'ahina 60 (X) 46.0 65.0 0.335 3.0 0.604 3.1 HIGH
'ahina 60 (S) 46.0 62.0 0.335 3.0 0.602 3.1 HIGH
'ahina 60 (R) 46.0 59.0 0.335 3.0 0.600 3.1 HIGH
'ahina 70 (X) 46.0 72.0 0.335 3.0 0.604 2.7 HIGH
'ahina 70 (S) 46.0 71.0 0.335 3.0 0.604 2.7 HIGH
'ahina 80 (X) 46.0 84.0 0.335 3.0 0.604 2.7 HIGH
'ahina 80 (S) 46.0 83.0 0.335 3.0 0.604 2.7 HIGH