MRC GOLF, INC. Introduces the Diamana™ B-series, the next generation Diamana™ in the Blue Board series

- MRC Press Release - October 02, 2012

New! 3rd Generation Diamana™ B-Series

MRC GOLF, INC. Introduces the Diamana™ B-series, the next generation Diamana™ in the "Blue Board" series

Carlsbad, CA - (Oct 1, 2012) - This new Diamana™ features material from Mitsubishi Plastic Co. (DIALEAD™) and the latest curing (Tough-QURE™) advancements from Mitsubishi Rayon and our partners within the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) Group. The new series of shafts utilizes Mitsubishi Rayon's new 3G M.D.I. technology to deliver the tour-proven performance and superior stability players of all abilities have come to expect from the Diamana™ brand.

In 2009 Mitsubishi Rayon introduced the original Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) Technology featured in the Diamana™ Kai'li™ Series - the second generation Blue Board. This M.D.I. Technology allows Mitsubishi Rayon to layer thin carbon fiber sheets in multiple directions along the entire length of the shaft, providing our engineers precise control over stiffness and stability throughout the shaft. This same M.D.I. technology was used in subsequent years to develop and launch the rest of the Second Generation Diamana™ Series, Diamana™ 'ilima™ in 2009 and Diamana™ 'ahina™ in 2010, and most recently to develop the Diamana +PLUS™ Series.


3G Multi-Dimensional Interlay (M.D.I.) Technology

Working with our partners in the MCHC Group, Mitsubishi Rayon has now developed the next generation M.D.I. Technology - 3G M.D.I. featuring DIALEAD™. The 3G M.D.I. Technology featuring DIALEAD™ allows our engineers to fine-tune both the E.I. Curve (Bend Profile) and the G.J. Curve (Torsion Profile) for the Diamana™ B-series to increase the overall "controllability" and minimize "ovaling" in this new series of shafts.


Product Profile


Product Profile Pricing & Availability

The USA Version of the new Diamana™ B-series shafts will be available through MRC GOLF Inc.'s Authorized Retailers and Dealers nationwide beginning Fall of 2012 and will have a suggested retail price of $400-$450 USD for the wood shafts.

Product Profile Bend Profile

The Diamana™ B-series profile represents the next evolution in MRC's signature "smooth" bend profile offering "balanced" stiffness on both ends of the shaft with a slightly "stiffer" mid-section. The profile was first made popular in 2005 with the debut of the initial Diamana™ S-Series (Blue Board).

Diamana™ B-series is available in the following weights and flexes:

PRODUCT Diamana™ B-series Shafts
70 S,X
80 S,X


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