Seller of Counterfeit Mitsubishi Rayon Shafts Stopped

- MRC Press Release - June 24, 2008

Carlsbad, CA - MRC GOLF, Inc. announced that a distributor of Mitsubishi Rayon counterfeit graphite shafts has agreed to stop selling Mitsubishi Rayon product. Settlement for an undisclosed amount in damages was agreed upon out of court. The unnamed distributor was distributing both counterfeit and authentic shafts including Diamana.

"We have worked very hard to develop premium products and a distribution network that consumers can trust. Unauthorized distribution of counterfeit product in the market is very damaging to this mission." said Hikaru Shiraishi, VP of MRC GOLF, Inc.

The distributor was located in southern California and admitted to acquiring Mitsubishi Rayon branded products from overseas sources. "We will continue to monitor the market and work to prevent unauthorized distribution of products to protect both the end consumer and our distributors. However, the best way for consumers to be sure they are getting authentic products is to buy from an authorized dealer." said Mark Gunther, Director of After Market Sales in North America. A list of authorized dealers of Mitsubishi Rayon graphite shafts can be found on line at www.mitsubishirayongolf.com.