48 of 156 Use Mitsubishi Rayon at NCAA Men's Championships

- MRC Press Release - June 10, 2008

Carlsbad, CA - MRC GOLF, Inc. announced today that Mitsubishi Rayon graphite driver shafts were used more than any other competitor's shafts at the NCAA Division I Men's Championship. 48 competitors chose Mitsubishi Rayon driver shafts while next closest competitor had 29 in play.*

"Being the #1 driver shaft at the NCAA Division I Championships is a great indicator that Mitsubishi Rayon shafts are outperforming other shafts for top amateurs in the country. Diamana was the driver shaft of choice for these top collegiate players. However, there were also a number of Bassara and JAVLNFX shafts in play", said Hikaru Shiraishi, VP of MRC GOLF, Inc.

Mitsubishi Rayon is the manufacturer of Diamana, Bassara, and JAVLNFX premium graphite shafts.

*Source: Darrell Survey 2008