- MRC GOLF Press Release - October 04, 2013


As we approach the end of summer, the prime golf season is beginning to come to a close. But that doesn't mean there's a slowdown to some big news.

In fact, our latest driver shaft win on tour brings our total to nine driver shaft wins this year, raising our total to 133 since we opened our U.S. office in 2004 - that's 40-plus more than the next graphite shaft company! Secondly, we are excited to announce the launch of our Third Generation Diamana™ White Board, W-Series. Using some of the most advanced materials and innovative manufacturing techniques available, in one of the most successful profiles ever offered, we hope to continue with the success we have had for almost a decade with the new W-Series.

As always, thank you for your support!


Coming in mid October, the Diamana™ W-Series shaft ($400) for woods. It's the next generation of the Diamana™ White Board. This rendition takes the original's pure feel and sheer power to the next level. The Diamana™ W-Series has a modified and slightly stiffer butt section than the original White Board, along with the traditional stiffer tip and mid section. This profile helps shot dispersion stay tight, with a low launch trajectory and low spin, plus a satisfying feel and feedback. Golfers of all abilities -- especially those with higher swing speeds -- can swing away, confident that they'll get straighter ball flight and a more stable feel, as well. As a result, it's an ideal shaft for players seeking maximum control with low launch and spin.


The Diamana™ W-Series also incorporates our 3G MDI Technology. It features DIALEAD™ Pitch Fiber - a high-density prepreg -- in the hoop plies of its butt section, allows us to fine-tune the torque and bend profile. To the golfer, that means that the clubhead remains stable throughout the swing and impact -- for a penetrating ball flight with more accuracy. Compared to multi-axis weaves, has less open space, giving less room for the fibers to bend and allowing for a stronger, more-consistent design.


We know. You have some questions regarding our new Diamana™ W-Series. Here are those we've heard most often:

Q1. How will the W-Series perform compared to the original Diamana™ White Board and the Second-Generation Diamana™ 'ahina™?

A1. You can expect the W-Series to have the same low launch and low spin characteristics, but with a more stable feel -- thanks to a stiffer butt section.

Q2. Are you planning to release a Third-Generation Diamana™ Red Board?

A2. At this time there are tentative plans to launch a Third-Generation Diamana™ Red Board. Stay tuned.

Q3. Why are there cosmetics of Diamana™ W-Series and B-Series that are sold in the United States different than those that are sold in Asia?

A3. We decided to use different cosmetics for the United States, because most American golfers we surveyed felt that the Asian cosmetic was too distracting. They preferred a cosmetic that was a bit more subtle.



The new Diamana™ W-Series will be available in these weights and flexes: 50 R/S/X-flex, 60 R/S/X-flex, 70 S/X-flex, and 80 S/X-flex.



What is pitch fiber?
It's a type of high-modulus carbon fiber, with a base component that's a formation of coal tar and petroleum.

What are the benefits of using pitch fiber?
Using pitch fiber in the hoop layers of the butt section helps to stabilize the butt section and reduce ovaling. That results better in energy transfer and straighter shots.

How is the Diamana™ W-Series profile different than the original Diamana™ White Board and 'ahina™?
The Diamana™ W-Series profile has a slightly stiffer tip and mid section, and a significantly stiffer butt section than the original Diamana™ White Board and 'ahina™ shafts.



Here's what our tour reps have to say about the new Diamana™ W-Series shafts:

What has been going on with Diamana™ W-Series out on the different Tours?
We've just started to notify all of our partners on the tours, and there's been a lot of positive buzz. We already have requests for pros wanting to test this shaft.

How do you think the W-Series will do out on the pro Tours?
Given the success of the first- and second-generation Diamana™, we have high hopes for this shaft -- especially with the superior materials and manufacturing processes that are utilized in the third-generation Diamana™.



MRC GOLF, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD., dedicated to designing and developing the world's finest composite golf shafts in performance and quality. MRC GOLF leverages their own resources and raw materials (vertical integration), which gives them a competitive advantage. Over the years, MRC GOLF has been a leading supplier of premium composite golf shafts worldwide. With many of the worlds best players using Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts, MRC GOLF has established itself as a dominant force in the golf Industry.


Mitsubishi Rayon Co., LTD. was established in 1933 as a manufacturer of rayon fibers. Since then, the company's interests have diversified to include specialized chemicals, plastics, and other synthetic fibers. Through continuous design and innovation, MRC has expanded its business focus into other areas that include resin systems, carbon fibers and composite materials, and a variety of other specialty products, including composite golf shafts. MRC's Vertical integration advantage, the ability to design, develop and manufacture any combination of resins and fibers, sets them apart from their competition and gives them a competitive advantage. Today, MRC is recognized as the world leader in manufacturing and supplying carbon fiber and composite materials for performance based sporting goods applications.

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