- MRC GOLF Press Release - November 06, 2009

JAVLNFX Series - Simply Unprecedented.The official 2009 tour season is almost complete and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our “congratulations” to our Pro Tour Department for delivering another unbelievable season for Mitsubishi Rayon golf shafts! With 17 official US TOUR driver shaft wins Mitsubishi Rayon has more than double the number of wins as our closest competitor on the US TOUR. Add to that another 6 wins on the European Tour® and 5 more on the US LADIES Tour and there should be no doubt Mitsubishi Rayon has once again established itself as the world’s premier manufacturers of high performance golf shafts.

With the 2009 pro tour season ending in must be time to start talking about new products for 2010. That’s right, 2010 product launches are right around the corner and with a variety of changes and additions to our lineup we are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the fall selling season. We are particularly excited about several upcoming additions to the Fubuki™ and Diamana® product lines2 as well as the current JAVLNFX™ Series of Wood, Iron, and Hybrid shafts.

In fact the JAVLNFX brand continues to gain traction and visibility on the various professional tours and just recently added a second official driver shaft win for this brand this season. With a new modified cosmetic scheme, a lower MSRP, and a new aggressive authorized dealer cost structure coming officially November 15th, perhaps no changes will be more exciting to our network of authorized dealers as those to JAVLNFX Series1.

Be sure to watch for your 2010 Authorized Dealer Kit for complete details and pricing for our entire product line and be sure to contact your sales representative if you have any questions.

Thank you again for all your support and we look forward to hearing from you in the coming months.

1 Source: Darrell Survey
2 Official information will be made available in November – stay tuned


Tour Statistics

Mitsubishi Rayon Wins Driver Shaft Count at the US TOUR Tour Championship in Atlanta, Georgia

Mitsubishi Rayon driver shafts were used by more players at this past week’s US TOUR Championship than those of any other graphite shaft company with 20% of all driver shafts in play at this year’s event.

1 Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Did You Know?
Mitsubishi Rayon has had more than 45 pcs of the JAVLNFX Series in-play at the last four Major Championships

2009 US TOUR
U.S. Open
Women’s Open
2009 The OPEN
2009 Women’s OPEN
Shafts In-Play
TOTAL: 8 shafts
Shafts In-Play
TOTAL: 17 shafts
Shafts In-Play
TOTAL: 4 shafts
Shafts In-Play
TOTAL: 18 shafts

Source: Darrell Survey Reports


Product Profile
JAVLNFX SeriesJAVLNFX Series for 2010
Available November 15, 2009

There is only one way to get what we want in a shaft. And that is to do it ourselves. With over 80 years of material expertise and over 20 years of designing and developing the world’s finest graphite shafts, Mitsubishi Rayon has developed a new shaft series that utilizes a variety of specialized materials to redefine performance. This series is known as: the JAVLNFX Series.


For the player who wants enhanced feel and responsiveness from a balanced bend profile that deliver s mid launch and spin characteristics.

The JAVLNFX M-Series utilizes a specialized carbon fiber in the tip section called TRH50 designed internally by Mitsubishi Rayon engineers. This unique-to-Mitsubishi Rayon fiber has higher elasticity characteristics (than similar fibers from other companies), which helps control and minimize material deformation. The result is an extremely versatile and responsive, moderate torque shaft that delivers mid launch and spin.


For the player who wants enhanced stability from a tip stiff bend profile that delivers lower launch and mid spin characteristics. The JAVLNFX V-Series utilizes a proprietary carbon fiber called MR60H, throughout the length of the shaft. This unique-to-Mitsubishi Rayon fiber has a higher density of carbon fiber (than similar materials in the same category), which enhances material tensile strength. The result is increased stability and control in a moderate torque shaft that delivers low/mid launch and mid spin.

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